Good Popcorn

Founded in the cornfields of southern Illinois, White Cat Corn had a singular aim to make popcorn as fresh and flavorful as if you grew it in your own garden. Our founder was never one to brag, so when he finally achieved his goal, he added “Good Popcorn” on the label – a simple statement of what awaits.

White Cat Corn - Popcorn Jar

The White Cat Story

Our story begins with one man’s idea that a perfect kernel was the key to making great popcorn. The search took him back to his hometown where he tinkered with seeds, soil and growing conditions over many years.


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White Cheddar

Starting with the freshest White Cat Corn®, we pop the kernels in coconut oil and generously coat each batch with real cheddar cheese.

*Otis Foods recommends a minimum order quantity of 6 bags due to shipping charges.

White Cat Popcorn Kernels

Order a classic 27oz glass canning jar full of fresh White Cat Corn®.

Refill Bag

Keep on poppin’. Order a delicious three or nine pound refill bag of White Cat Corn®. Meeowww.